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The 6th Annual SPOOKY Reunion was a great success

What a Great Reunion we just had in Dayton, Ohio!! Thank You Mike and Cindy Worthington , you both did a Great Job.   Also , many Thanks to Billy and Norma Clark, Jane Wyban, Bill Edger,Dale and Dee White, and everyone else who helped.  We had many new Brothers join us this year, and said they would see us again Next Year.

At our annual meeting it was voted by the majority to hold the Reunion in San Antonio,Texas.. A return to Lackland AFB.  It was also, decided by the group to extend the reunion ,so next year it will begin on Weds thru Sunday,which gives us more time to remenice.  Junior Skinner and Dale White will Co-Chair the 2015 Reunion.

REMEMBER Our reunion is always The Weds after Labor Day.  Hope Yu All Make it to TEXAS next year.

       We are still seeking all personnel that dealt with "Spooky" 1965-1969
Anyone who was involved with "SPOOKY" in Vietnam in 1965-1969 is invited, as well as any others who were with Spooky. US Air Force, 14th Special Operations Wing (formally 14th
                                                                                     Air Commando Wing) 

Junior Skinner,  525 Garrett Branch Rd. Ellijay GA, 30536                                                                                   
                                                                             juniorskinner@spookyac47gunship.com      706-636-5375

                                                                                                    Mike Acosta,       mikeacosta@spookyac47gunship.com


The following names are of people we have located: 

Dennis Aaron, Michael Acosta, Edward Allard, John Almeida, Robert Anderson, Versie W Anding, Merle Andrews, Larry P Anduss,, John Anthony, Francisco Archibeque, George Arleth, Gary Arndt, Richard Arnold, Robert Attaway, Henry Bach, Terry/Tom Baer, John Baker, John Barrett, Oris "Sonny" Basher, Joe Bates, Jerry Baxter, Raymond Benkosky, Joe Berardino, Ed Biggs, John Billingsley, Gary W. Bills, Brian Bisson, Charles Blair, Doug Blair, Kenny Bobitz, Richard Boineau, John Bonner, Brian Bordelon, Bobby Joe Brock, Ron Brooks, Tom Brophy, Phillip Budd, Dan Busa, Ken Butcher, Kenneth Butrick,  James Cameron, Charles Camp, Kenneth Carpenter, Van Carter, Larry Caudill, Robert Cebina, Jim Chandler, Bill Clark, Claude Clifford, Michael Coffman, Shelton Comeau, Thomas Cohenno, Gerald Cooper, Rockie Crites, Carl Cromwell, Stan Crowel, Joseph Cubeiro, Hubert Cumberland, Michael Custance, Robert Davidson, Elliot I Davis, T.K. Davis, Steve Dial, Lewis Dickson, Don Dills, Bobby Dixon, George Dixon, Mike Drexel, Bernie Ducat, Leon Duke, Richard C. Dutnell, Henry Eaton, Ross Eckels, Bill Eger, David Elvecky, Bob Embry, Harry Emrick, Max Essex, Norm Evans, Clayton Fansler, Mike Finley, Michael Flurry, Charles Fowler, Richard Fox, Anthony Fuzie, Roger Gatewood, Donald Gibson, James Gilmore, Claire Gilstad, Larry Glaug, Russell Gnade, Fred Gockel, Daniel Good, Jim Goodwin, Terry Goodwin, Richard Grimsley, Lester Haga, Thomas "Pat" Hanisee, Ron Haren, Dennis Harkins, James Harrod, Jesse T. Harvey Jr, George Hayden, Dick Henderson, Roy “Hiram” Hill, Sam Hill, John Hitchens, Kelly Honeyman, Robert Hornberger, Dalton Horne, George Horne, Morris Hunter, Bob Huntley, Bryan Peyton Hutchison, Paul Ison, C.J. Jackson, David Johnson, Wayne Jones, Jim Kelly, Art Kerr, John Kimpel, Jack Kindle, Ed Kiser, Dale Knoll, Donald Koke, Walt Kotzur, Thomas Krech, John Lamb, Jerry Lechien, Robert Levangie, James Lowry, Louis Lueck, Don Luke, John Luton, Tom Mahach, Bruce Maine, Lloyd Marshall, John C. Martin, Donald Mays, Bob McGarry, Clarence McGoldrick, Dean McKee, Wallace J. McKenzie, Wayne “Mac” McNicholas, Jerry L. Meek, Micheal Mills, Gary Dykes Modlens, Richard Moebes, Monti Mogi, Marshall “Steve” Montani, Raymond Morgan, Vaughn Morgan, Donald Moxley, David Nelson, Allen Niehaus, Kurt Noll, Max Northcutt, Tony Nutz, Glen Olsen, Richard "Opie" Opdyke, Garry Overby, Gene Overton, Jack Pate, Brian Parker, Ron H. Parker, Jerry Peterson, Robert Patterson, John Patton Jr., Jim Pentello, Jerry Peterson, Roland Peterson, Ron Peterson, Robert Pickett Jr., Roger Pike, Ned Piper, Phillip Pitts, John Pitts, Russ Pontinen, Lee Porter, Bill Pratt, Gary Prinzi, Ed Quinn, Bob Radeka, Jim Ray, Peter Ready, Frank Reeder, Danny Reese, Mel Remington, Robert Reymundo, Mike Riches, Wayne L. Rickert Jr., John Rockefeller, Marshall Routledge, Ron Ryan, Jim Sanders,  Albert Saunders, James Saunders, Lloyd Sayles, Joe Scalora, Bob Schaefer, Robert C. Schilling, David Schuner, J. “Woody” Seibel, John Shaver, Jack Sheppard, Jerry Shoemaker, John Skaneski, Junior Skinner, Frank Slocum, Lonnie Smith,  Jim Snyder, Rainer Soehen, Gary Southerland, Mike Speciale, Lyle A Sproul, Mike Staberg, Dale Steele, Mark Steetle, Bob Stein, Jim E. Stewart, Jack Stratton, Lee Stroman, David Suban, Lonnie Sullivan, Al Tanzey, Robert K. Taylor, James "Skip" Thompson, Jerry Thorson, Elmer Tosi, Mike Trahan, James Turner, Lawrence Uebe, Bob Ulrich, Ed Valinski, Frank Vallone, Wayne "Rip" VanWinkle, John Vasilik, Larry Vassalli, Roger Velasco, Carl Wagenfuehr, James Walker, Harvey Wasserman, George Weeden, Joesph Wells, Dale White, Donald Wilson, Robert O Wilson, Gale Winters, Robert “Buz” Womack, Michael B. Worthington, Donald B. Wright, Ray Wyban, Doug Young, Fred “Ski” Zabloski, Ronald "Ron" Zarate .  

We are still looking for more individuals who worked or flew on "SPOOKY" during 1965-1969

We have placed a memorial tribute on YOUtube,

Listed below is the link to the YOUtube Video: 


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